Friday, May 29, 2015

lets start talking..

Our lives are just moving so fast.School,college,jobs,marriage,kids blah blah.Do we really find time for ourselves or do we pretend that we have time for ourselves???I don’t know about you guys but most of the time m lying on my bed thinking too much and saying nothing but when i need to get up and do something i wait till the very end to do it..Why??? I know m not the only one.
Even when it comes to love.When it starts off oh its all rainbows and butterflies,oh baby i cant wait till we are married..and when you are married you cant wait till you can just sit and watch your favorite TV channel alone without people interrupting..and then the kids..and the school and teenage mutant kids…argh..scary..but we all still do it at least once..hmm..why?
Quiet a controversial subject ‘SEX’ Everyone does it no one likes to talk about it.And the ones who talk about it are in actual sense creepy..cus they don’t just wanna talk about it,they want to do it with u..what???i once read somewhere the only difference between a man and a gentleman is that a man is a over grown child but a gentleman is the an over grown child who has been to finishing school…off late m starting to think its true..
i shall be back with more random thoughts if you follow me on Facebook you are sure to know about my random thought theory…time to fart rainbows..bye…

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